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    • Contact us: sales@legstherapy.com



I was very pleased and satisfied with my purchase of the compression stockings. My doctor asked "where did you get those stockings from?" He had the nurses and me in stitches because they never saw this brand and quality before. I even placed another order today for another pair. The quality is excellent and easy to put on. In Trinidad you only get a white type which does not work for the thighs, they roll down and the band is ineffective and cumbersome.  
So thank you very much for the timely, reliable service and expedited delivery from the USA. I have given my order details to the nurses, doctors and friends. I am a very satisfied customer.

Michele M.
Trinidad and Tobago



I would just like to provide some feedback on your "Chat" Associate 'Mike'.
Thanks for his assistance and information provided that I placed my order.
You surely will get my repeat business, and will disseminate positive information regarding your company.
Please give 'Mike' Thumbs up for his superb assistance.

David B.
New Jersey, United States



These were my first compression stockings ever which I decided to buy on my own, without a doctor's recommendation or prescription. I just felt that wearing some would be a good idea because I am mostly sedentary, although I do regular aquafitness and mini-trampoline workouts.
I loved that I could get thigh-highs, for my XXL thunder thighs. The open toes done's squish my feet, a bonus.
In terms of value, these are a steal for a Canadian like me. Trying to find a variety of compression stockings here is a hassle. Shopping online -- with the rapid fire shipping to Toronto -- was great.
Thanks again!

Antonia Z.
Toronto, Canada



Your compression stockings are the best and most comfortable stockings I have found !!! I have to wear then daily and they feel great !!!
I will recommend them to any of my friends who might need these. Thank you for your help !!!

Sally C.
New York, United States



Juzo is a quality product. The Juzo compression stockings are expensive but you get what you pay for. My orders have arrived correctly and promptly. I have ordered both the open toe and closed toe versions. I prefer the latter because the open toe often ride up on my foot creating a lump under the arch. Although the open toe may be easier for a beginner to learn how to put on, with both is really is just a matter of practice until you learn how. Neither is ever going to be quick and easy.

Robert Y.
Florida, United States



I'm writing to let you know that the stockings reached my friend on time and I've received them in Singapore!

I am so impressed with your service, as well as the quality of your product.  
Thigh high compression stockings are not available locally (the highest available is just above the knee) so these have not only met my needs better, they also look better (more sheer)!

Louisa Hwang



I searched everywhere for my compression stockings size but couldn’t find them. Finally I found them on your website. Thank you so much for helping me with this.  

Lili Zach
New York, United States



I want to thank you for your efficiency. I received my order this morning and I am very happy. The delivery was fast.

Thanks again!

Lucie Rousseau
Quebec, Canada



I am very pleased with my purchase. The Sigvaris 230 Cotton Series is a cool, comfortable, hypo-allergenic product that is soft against my skin providing ease of application and removal. The cotton really absorbs moisture while nylon fibers provide coolness. This product specially suited for people with sensitive skin, and I happy about the result I am getting by wearing this everyday.

I will definitely recommend this to my colleagues!

Thanks Legs Therapy!

Juan Valdez
San Antonio, TX United States



By far the best and the most easy purchase I did this month! I am happy I found your website. You have the best customer service I’ve experienced online. Your friendly online chat agent greeted me and offered to help me. Annaleah is ready to assist me anytime, but giving me time to go around looking for my next purchase. Which is what I like! I don’t want recurrent messages while checking the products. With so many products available it is very helpful to know that there is someone always there to assist you and help you make the right choice. She promptly answered my question about sizing and colors after 30 minutes of browsing.

I will be definitely buying from you again and will recommend Legs Therapy to my friends!


Peter Jones
Indianapolis, IN United States



I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you people at Legs Therapy! I recently bought Jobst Athletic Socks for my Dad and he absolutely loves them! He says his feet feel so much better. He said these pair of socks is the best, and my Dad is so hard to please! – So Thank You! This is my third time to order from your company and I’ve always received the best service from you! I get my compression stockings which I wear every day at work to keep my legs vein free. You have excellent products and you always have stocks available. Your online chat agent is always there ready to assist and I am always happy with the way my order was handled including the delivery.

I always feel valued! Thank you again and I am definitely coming back!

Thank you!!!

Ann Green
Philadelphia, PA United States



I heard about the usefulness of wearing compression stockings during long trips. My husband and I are going to a much overdue trip coast to coast, and possibly stopping by some areas along the way, but considering the trip, we will most likely spend more time on the train. Our friends advised us to wear compression stockings to help prevent leg swelling and problems which can occur when sitting too long. I’m happy we ordered from your site. Your service is really terrific! I am especially happy how your online chat agent helped us a lot in finding the right compression product.

We are not only happy with the assistance, but we are delighted with the quick and efficient shipping. Your online customer service even called up to follow up if my order was delivered and asked if we were happy with my order. Well, that’s ultimate customer service! Thank you Legs Therapy! I will definitely recommend your website to my family and friends!

Carina Davis
Phoenix, AZ United States



First of all, I have to say many thanks to Legs Therapy for the speedy delivery of my order! I wanted to try out Jobst Ultra Sheer Compression Stockings because I’ve heard how wonderful this product is from my friends! They said their legs never felt better in many years! I did not know that it helps keep legs healthy by regulating blood flow. And I was eager to try it.

I’m so happy that Legs Therapy did not make me wait too long! Ordering with you is a breeze. The sizing chart helped me a lot in finding the right size for me. I was worried about my compression stockings because it might not fit but it worked well. The compression feels wonderful.

I am a happy customer. I promise to be back and buy again from you in the near future! Thanks again!!!

Jenny Collins
Houston, TX United States



You ship really fast! Thank you for delivering my order on time. I felt considered! You have such an amazing website and you carry almost all the products I want. I don't need to jump from one website to another because I can compare my choices just with your site!

Also I did not have any difficulty finding the right information for each product and your FREE shipping offer on orders over $49 is a very good deal. Although I was worried I wouldn’t get my order on time since I purchased my compression stockings late afternoon, but It did! Of course it did not arrive the next day, I just waited out a couple of days and I got it. I particularly enjoyed the fact that your customer service called back very quickly when I had a question on my order. I am a happy customer and I definitely recommend LegsTherapy for any compression stockings.

Lucy McKesson
Los Angeles, CA United States



I love LegsTherapy.com. It’s cheaper to buy from your website than locally! Also you offer free shipping over $49. I have problems with swelling in my legs and compression therapy is the only way for me to minimize or even prevent swelling. Compression stockings really do help a lot. I buy every 3 or 4 months, it gets tedious sometimes going out and finding a new pair all the time. I am the type of person who would like to try out different brands but with the cost of things nowadays, I am always out for a good bargain. LegsTherapy is a great company to deal with, you carry top brands and your online chat agent is always ready to assist me with my inquiry. I have tried several support stockings and feel that your company has the best product for the price. I am definitely buying from you again and will recommend LegsTherapy to my friends and family! Many Thanks!!!

Helena Parker
New York, NY United States



I am thrilled to find your website. Everything is excellent! Your website is easy to navigate and fast. I can easily jump from one product to the next one with ease. Your online chat is equally superb; she assisted me along the way, promptly answering my questions. I’ve been buying my compression stockings from our local pharmacy and they don’t carry so many brands and styles and they cost more!

I feel confident ordering from LegsTherapy, you are very helpful. I didn’t even know that it exists so many brands. Luckily, with the assistance of the online chat, I was able to find the right compression stockings for me and my mother. She assisted me from finding the right brand, to picking the right style and sizing. I did not have to think twice ordering from LegsTherapy. I am definitely recommending your site to all my friends. Thank you again!

Emma Smith
Atlanta, GA United States



It was a pleasure dealing with your online chat agent. She was very helpful and patient and willing to inform me about compression stockings / socks and how to get the right pair for me. I’ve only heard about compression stockings after a few of us at the office talked during our break about the effects of working the whole day everyday with the computer.

Then Fred, one of my colleagues mentioned about having constant legs pains and leg swelling. He mentioned about compression socks but I did not get the full detail of what it can do, so when I got a chance I searched online and found LegsTherapy.com. A chat agent was online so I started to ask more about it. The agent is very knowledgeable of the benefits of compression therapy and she explained how it works in a way that I can easily understand.

Thank you for the short lecture! I ordered a couple of pairs that day, and she even helped me with the sizing. I highly recommend LegsTherapy and I will surely share this experience to my colleagues!

George Jackson
Seattle, WA United States



I wasn’t quite sure if you will deliver my order on time. After having had so many disappointing experiences with ordering online, I figured that you wouldn’t be different. I placed my order a few minutes before 2 pm EST which is close to your cut off time for the items to be shipped the same day. I am from Detroit and I did not think my order will arrive the following day. I was desperate to have my compression stockings after learning that it’ll be a good choice to wear one during long trips. I did not think the order will arrive before my flight. But it did! Shipping is free for orders over $49 and this deal saved me a lot, not to mention saving me the effort of going out and looking of a pair in my city. Thank you for the prompt delivery. I am definitely ordering again!

Mary Aniston
Detroit, MI United States



I love Jobst Ultra Sheer Pantyhose, I feel like I am just wearing a regular stockings. I definitely like the feel of the material against my skin, and what I am mostly happy about that it is the kind that provides my compression therapy needs. Thank you to the friendly customer service that helped me pick the right size and color to fit my wardrobe! Your customer service is awesome! I will definitely order again from legstherapy.com

Natalia Bryant
San Diego, CA United States



I received my Deluxe Digital Stepper today and I am happily using it as I make this testimonial. Definitely a good value for my money. For $39.95 I definitely got my money’s worth. Now I can work and exercise at the same time. Deluxe Digital Stepper is ideal for someone like me who spends most of the working hours behind the desk. Thank you Legs Therapy for cutting the cost on this item. I already ordered another one as a gift to my office mate who also badly needs a little exercising while working. More power to you! I will definitely bookmark your site!

Carla Gomez
Miami, FL United States



Your customer support is great! Leah was able to assist me to find the right size for my order. She even offered instructions on how to place my order online. Frankly, I feel uncomfortable buying items online especially from websites I don’t visit often. But I am glad I made a decision buying from Legs Therapy. The free shipping really gave me good savings and what’s good is that my order arrived on the date it was promised! That’s customer satisfaction. I will definitely go back and order from Legs Therapy.

Jennifer Cooper
Portland, OR United States



I just received my order today. Thank you for the free shipping! The compression stockings that I ordered arrived as promised and in good condition. I did not expect that ordering in legs therapy was so easy! I recommend legstherapy.com for all your compression stocking needs!

Tiffani Brown
Salt Lake City, UT United States



I like your website! I easily find the right compression stockings for me and the sizing chart you provided really helped me in choosing which size is ideal for my leg. Other websites have information that is confusing. Legs Therapy website is clean and very straightforward. Easily located what I am looking for. Thanks!

Jessica Clark
Dallas, TX United States



To keep the review short and sweet,

First time buyer, Best Price, Free Shipping, Quick Delivery & very good sales and support staff. I will keep coming back for more purchases.

Ana Wilson
Chicago, IL United States



Just wanted to say thanks for the great service you have here. I'll be sure to shop here again!

John Smith
Sunnyvale, CA United States



Order received today, everything as expected. I am very pleased with this transaction and highly recommend LegsTherapy.com. I will be sure to let all my friends know about you.

Greg Johnson
Boston, MA United States