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    • Nous parlons français, contactez nous: nicolas@legstherapy.com
    • Contact us: sales@legstherapy.com
    • Contact us: sales@legstherapy.com

Price Match Guarantee

As a wise and practical customer, searching for the lowest price for the same product and service is a must. We believe that you deserve the best products with the most competitive price in the market. This is why LegsTherapy is offering a Price Match Guarantee.

If you found an item from another competitor that has a lower total cost* than our offer, then we will match that price.

*lower total cost means the item price plus the shipping charges

How Will You Qualify?

Just take note of the following criteria:

  • You found an item from another competitor which is exactly identical* but has a lower price
    *identical means that the two products have the same model or product code
  • That item is brand new, unused and unopened
  • That item is current and is readily available for purchase
  • The item was not used for demos or floor models and doesn’t belong to closeout items
  • The item is being offered by an authorized US retailer and can be readily verified
  • The item is not in auction, not on Ebay or Amazon
  • The price of the item is not based on bulk orders or wholesale purchase
  • The item is not sold on holidays or inventory sales (ex. Thanksgiving Day, Moving Out Sale)

If all these criteria are met then you’re just a step away from having your item price matched.

Here’s How:

Step 1: Send us an email to pricematch@legstherapy.com with the following information:

  • SKU / Model # / Product Code
  • Quantity
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your location (City, State, Zip Code, Country)
  • Competitor link page of the product
  • Competitor price (US dollar)
  • Competitor shipping price
  • Competitor coupon code (if there is any)

Step 2: 
Upon receiving your email, we will verify the link. If all the criteria mentioned above are met, you will receive an email from us containing instructions on how to redeem the item in its lowest price.

What if you found an identical item with a lower price after you have purchased from us?

No worries! Our price match guarantee is valid within 15 days after purchase. Just follow Step 1 (given above) and we would be very willing to assist you.

Upon receiving your email, the same verification will be done and once all the said criteria above are met, we will send you an email giving you instructions on how to redeem your refund for the difference.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at sales@legstherapy.com or you can call us at 860-266-6660.

Simple as that! Because we want you to know and feel that we only mean the best for our customers.

Happy Shopping!