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Questions on Sigvaris 360 Cushioned Cotton Series 20-30 mmHg Men's Closed Toe Knee Highs - 362C

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  • From Mr Blum at 4/28/2011 12:18 AM
    • I usually wear sigvaris 362c (20-30hg comp) how does this compare to the Jobst ActiveWear (same comp). I am mainly asking regarding the cushion on the heel. I am diabetic and need both the compression and heavy heel cushion. Any other suggestion? Thanks
    • Regarding the difference in cushion on the heel for Sigvaris 362c (20-30 mmhg) and Jobst ActiveWear (20-30 mmhg).

      Although both products have a cushion on the heel, the fabric content in both cushion paddings makes the difference. Sigvaris 362c socks have a higher percentage of cotton fibers which are very recommended for sensitive skins and Jobst ActiveWear socks have a higher percentage of synthetic fibers that makes the padding durable.

      You can choose between durable socks or socks for sensitive skins. Sigvaris 362c socks could be recommended for diabetic skins.

      As a suggestion you can check our Diabetic Socks line here: http://www.legstherapy.com/specialty/diabetic-socks.html?limit=30

      Juzo 5760 OTC Silver Sole Unisex Knee High Socks 12-16mmHg is a good option as well:
      These socks have pillowed sole adds cushion to reduce blistering and callous buildup. Also these socks have a channeled toe seam that reduces toe irritation.


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