Arthritis and Compression GarmentsEvery time you hear the word Arthritis, the first thing that would enter your mind would be “painful and swollen joints especially of the hands, feet and knees”. That is precisely correct because Arthritis as defined is an inflammation of a joint that is usually accompanied by pain, swelling and stiffness.

Everyone can be a victim of this debilitating disease. There are many possible causes of Arthritis. If you can identify yourself with most of the situations below, then you are at a higher risk of developing this condition:

  • You have a family member (e.g. father, mother) who is diagnosed with arthritis.
  • You are overweight or obese
  • You previously had a joint injury (e.g. tibial plataue fracture)
  • You have a highly demanding job (e.g. assembly line worker, heavy construction worker)
  • You previously suffered a joint infection (e.g. septic joint) or had multiple episodes of gout.
  • You belong to the age bracket of 30 and above.

You might be thinking how will you know if what you are experiencing is already a sign or symptom of Arthritis. You might suspect you have Arthritis if you have the following signs and symptoms:

  • You often feel a persistent joint pain. Pain and tenderness that become worse when you do some activity like walking, typing, writing, getting up from a bed or a chair, holding or throwing  an object or any activity that you do routinely using your extremities and back.
  • Inflammation as evidenced by swelling, redness, warmth and stiffness.
  • Joint deformity which is not present before.
  • Loss of flexibility or the range of motion of your joint becomes limited.
  • Weight loss without any cause.
  • Non specific fever.
  • Weakness and extreme fatigue, lack of energy and presence of body malaise.
  • A grinding noise in the affected joint with or without pain (Joint crepitus).

Arthritis can be very disturbing and painful limiting your ability to perform activities of daily living, affecting your work performance and giving you stress that decrease the quality of your life. If you are one of those afflicted with this condition, there are garments at that can help ease pain, decrease swelling and increase flexibility of your affected joints.

Therall Arthritis Gloves is perfect for your swollen and painful wrists, hands or fingers. These are light arthritis gloves which provide therapeutic warmth to reduce pain and swelling. It has a soft lining that wicks moisture away keeping your hands dry. They also have Therall Foot Warmers to provide therapeutic warmth for your aching feet.

For your swollen and aching elbows, try Futuro Comfort Lift elbow support to help you get back to your usual activities at work or at home. If aching and swollen knees are your problem, FLA Elastic pullover knee support is a durable knitted wrap that provides support and flexibility.

Arthritis might take away the feeling of comfort and well being from your life but there are so many choices of support garments that can help you regain those feelings back and enjoy a life full of zest and energy.